Since the early days of my first YouTube channel in 2006, I’ve been using my platform to lead with my heart and spread joy.

Equipped with over 15 years of content creation experience, I have an immense adoration for transforming eccentric ideas into awe-inspiring magic through video, editing, and photography.

It is every kind of special to not only feel joy through what I create, but to share it all with a growing community from around the world.

chanell is my name
and creating is my game

When it comes to my creative endeavors, one thing I’ve always valued is quality over quantity. Establishing a foundation of quality, credibility and trust with my audience matters to me. I think creating content that is of greater value holds more weight over high volume projects because every piece is uniquely and thoughtfully curated. My goal is to always over-deliver and demonstrate my passion of creating by producing high-caliber content.

dream out loud

In 2021, I launched my brand ‘bychanell’ and it was always meant to serve more than one purpose. There are so many layers to my craft without limitations in place: creating for the sake of creating, but made with love by yours truly.

When it comes to creating, I always jump in, heart first. Most times, I operate as a one-woman show (scripting, curating a shot list, costuming, set designing, directing, filming, editing, etc). Everything about the creative process is my favorite and it’s incredibly fulfilling to see an idea, no matter how big or small, transform into something so magical. I truly love it all.

dream outside the box

The Lion King
While You Were Sleeping
Jurassic Park
Hocus Pocus


Recreating some of my favorite comfort movies and sharing them with my audience is special to me because spreading joy + laughter is all I ever hope to inspire on my platform. Comfort movies are exactly what they are: comforting. They are simply movies that feel like a warm hug and I hope those feel it through my content, too.

My husband, Brian, is not only such a positive force in all aspects of my life, but his unwavering support continues to encourage me to bloom through what I create –
some would say he's the Kronk to my Yzma! :)

if it wasn't already obvious,

I'm a big movie buff